5 reasons why your guests will love the Assistant

We could talk all day long about how your Hotel will benefit from our product, but this all wouldn’t make any sense without offering something for your guests, too. Here are a few reasons why your guests will raise their glasses to Bonomi Assistant:

1. It’s always available

When we are guests in a hotel, we practically live there. This means all the problems that we can face at home might occur during our stay as well, including late night sickness and similar inconveniences. 😰 Bonomi Assistant is available 24/7, even when the rest of the staff is asleep.

2. It’s always within reach, on their phone

Being always available means that the Assistant is just a tap away if we have our phone with us, and let’s be honest: it’s about 98% of the time.🙃 No more running down to the reception or fiddling with the landline phone to ask for information. That’s just so 20th century. 🙄☎️

3. It’s never judging

We know, we know. Hospitality is all about the human contact. But still: there are a bunch of situations when it’s easier for us guests to stay in our social and emotional comfort zone. For example, most of us feel awkward when complaining or reporting a problem, even if it’s righteous. 😐 The Assistant makes the process a lot easier. Or think about issues like running out of toilet paper or breaking something! 🤦‍♂️ Not having to contact any person eases the pain of these situations.

4. It’s speaking their language (both figuratively and literally)

When we travel to the other side of the planet, we don’t expect hotel staff to speak our own language. But, if there is a chat Assistant that understands us, it’ll be like the Swiss flag: a big plus. Bonomi Assistant will be able to serve guests in as many languages as you want it to! It also uses emoji, GIFs and a pinch of wit to make conversations similar to chatting with a real person.😉

5. It helps them with reminders and alerts

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an option to get reminders about check-in, check-out, breakfast schedules and stuff like that? Bonomi Assistant makes all that available, and also delivers weather forecast and program recommendations every morning during the stay — the latter can even be a personalized offer from the hotel that adds to the overall experience of being cared about.

Do you agree with us? How else can chatbots help the guest? Share your thoughts in the comments on Medium!