5 reasons why your Hotel’s front desk will love your chatbot

Chatbots and virtual assistants are becoming more and more popular. For receptionists, it is a particularly sensitive issue, as many people think they may take over their jobs. We believe this is won’t be the case. On the contrary, chatbots will be the best friend of the receptionist.

In this post, we have collected 5 things why your hotel’s receptionist will absolutely love your virtual assistant:

1. We often hear the complaint from front desk that people think of them as an information bureau.

When can I check-in to my room? Can I bring my pet? What’s your cancellation policy? Do you have a gluten-free menu?

Such and similar issues, that only takes a few seconds to answer are a huge pain point for receptionists. These small interruptions kill their productivity and make focusing harder. It’s pretty hard to concentrate on the important things — like writing offers or solving guest problems — next to the constantly ringing phone. Chatbots can be the extra colleague who takes over the repetitive, trivial tasks and lets your receptionist focus on what’s valuable.

2. Did you ever face a situation when you had to deal with a group of tourists with no foreign language knowledge? Most receptionists regularly experience this. That’s why they are experts in the game Activity 🤙. Fortunately, chatbots are here to help. They can speak fluently with your guests in almost any language, freeing your front desk from frustration.

3. The bed is too hard! The street is noisy! The room is not warm enough! The water pressure in the shower isn’t strong enough!

A whole day full of complaints can be pretty hard to endure. Luckily from now, guests can complain to your virtual assistant, which is also beneficial to them, as it will make sure that all their problems will be handled as soon as possible.

4. Although some of us are real night owls, most of us prefer to rest at night. However, digital customers are impatient. And considering the speed and immediacy of communication on social media, who can blame them?

So, your guests from all over the world want an immediate response. And your receptionists want to relax at night. Chatbots are here to save the day again! They make your Hotel available 24/7, answering most questions immediately, so your receptionist can start the morning well rested, with a smile 🤗. Pretty compelling, right?

5. In most hotels, front desk tasks include the promotion of various services, which then contributes to their salary. Virtual assistants can help with that too! In addition to sending useful notifications to guests, they can easily recommend different services based on your guests’ preferences! Receptionists only need to finalize the deal and enjoy the results 😎.

Do you agree with us? How else can chatbots help the front desk? Share your thoughts in the comments on Medium!