Client spotlight #1: Aura Hotel, Balatonfüred

For those living in Hungary, Lake Balaton is the top-of-mind choice to spend a well-deserved holiday. The diversity of its surroundings and beaches make it great for a wide variety of people, who then have endless debates about the pros and cons of northern and southern coast. Then there are special places like Aura Hotel: it suits both beach-lovers and the sophisticated gourmet, and provides them with a great indoor wellness facility, making it a year-round retreat destination.

Aura Hotel hosted our first, pilot project, and is still one of our favourite clients, so it’s right to make them the first in our series of client spotlights.

The 40-room boutique hotel opened in December 2016. It’s located at Balatonfüred, just a few hundred meters from the lake. It has a restaurant with imaginative plates on the menu, a bar with a great selection of local wines and alcoholic drinks from all over the world. They’re regularly hosting wine tasting events and concerts or parties, and their policy of hosting only 12+ years old guests makes it a truly relaxed space for those who seek serenity.

Later on she was impressed by the high, 80–90% open rate of the monthly messages they are sending through the broadcasting function. She found it a quick and easy way of sending news to potential guests.

Their coworkers got used to the Assistant, just like their facebook community did. And last but certainly not least, they experienced a 26% growth in the ratio of direct bookings compared to the previous year.

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