Client spotlight #2: Boutique Residence Budapest

The most important tourist destination in Hungary is the increasingly popular city of Budapest. After our first client spotlight episode -where we introduced the beautiful Aura Hotel in Balatonfüred-, we thought we should continue our series with a hotel in Budapest.

Boutique Residence Budapest is situated perfectly in downtown, next to the Saint Stephen’s Basilica. The fresh new Hotel (opened in 2019 February) offers 16 luxury rooms in three different categories, that are suitable both for leisure or for a business stay.

The central location of the Hotel means that a variety of programs are conveniently available for guests. They can start their day with a good coffee and a smart breakfast, explore Budapest even by feet, or make business. At the end of the day, they can enjoy the comfort of the custom-designed boutique rooms and the hospitality of the team.

The team places great emphasis on keeping guests satisfied and happy. It is important for them that their guests feel at home and receive all the services that allow them to relax, and explore the beauties of Budapest. It was because of this attitude that they became interested in Bonomi Assistant.

We’ve met with Boutique Residence Budapest at the 2019’s BookDirect conference, where our team held a presentation about how chatbots can help the hospitality industry. The Assistant immediately piqued their interest. They especially liked that it introduces the hotel and services in an interactive way. Guests can browse it like a nice brochure, and it helps the Hotel provide all the necessary information.

“Our main goal with the Assistant was to increase guest satisfaction. We wanted to provide our guests a more modern way to communicate with us.” — told us Márk Horváth, Director of Business Development.

After the customization process, Bonomi Assistant launched at the beginning of summer.

At first, some of the team members were a little bit hesitant about how the Assistant would work and what they needed to do with it. But shortly everybody started to handle it routinely. They found one of the important advantages of having the Assistant, that it provides a direct, more intimate communication channel with their guests.

Most questions (73% in the last 30 days!) get answered automatically by the AI, and in case of more complex questions, the guest receives answers from the team directly through his favorite messaging app! Guests love that simplicity.

“Naturally not everybody uses the Assistant, but whoever tried it was quite satisfied with it, just like we are.” — told us front office manager, Zsuzsanna Tajti.

She also thinks that the timely guest alerts are a very useful feature, as it provides their guests with relevant information. She found that it helped them increase their revenue by selling additional services such as transfer.

Here at Bonomi, we are proud to have such an amazing hotel and team among our clients and if you are planning to come to Budapest, you should definitely check them out!

If you are interested in how Bonomi Assistant can help in your hotel, book an online presentation!