Spill the beans — How prospects became guests via the help of Messenger chatbots?🏨💖

In this post, I’m going to show you how can a chatbot assistant like our Bonomi Assistant help you to turn prospects into guests and what tools you have to reach out to your potential guests.

If you are also interested how and why could the chatbot assistant be guests’ and your front desk team’s favorite, and how it increases guests loyalty you can check out our previous posts.

Let’s get back to prospects! If you are in the hospitality business you probably have some insights about how prospects became your guests, right? I have good news for you, a chatbot assistant can help you in better understanding of user behavior when it comes to booking.

Messenger chatbots provide more useful data from users

Via a Messenger chatbot assistant, you can have specific data about the user, such as gender or preferred language. Also, chatbot assistants provide more transparency when it comes to lead sources, you can know exactly where the prospect coming from.

You can also guide the prospect towards booking at several points within one conversation, without being annoying.
These buttons will direct the prospects to your website or booking engine.

Plus it is worth mentioning that with Messenger chatbots you make it more comfortable for the prospect to find information about your hotel, such as pricing, rooms, services and more.

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Where prospects are coming from?

Okay, now you know that you can track the prospects who interact with your chatbot, but how do they find your chatbot?

Facebook Page

Adding a Messenger chatbot to your Facebook page makes it easier to provide quality service and also to respond to messages quickly.
How? If you have a chatbot like Bonomi Assistant with AI support it is able to handle FAQ and other specific tasks such as offer requests.
Whatsmore launching a Messenger chatbot on Facebook is just a few clicks and no coding required.


For website integration, you only have to copy+paste a line of code to your website code, and there you have Messenger chatbot plugin on your website. Having a chatbot on your website makes it easier for the prospects to find information that they are looking for or get in touch with the Hotel. Also once a prospect starts a conversation with your chatbot it is much easier for you to direct them to book or subscribe.

Facebook ads

At Bonomi, we find it best to create ads with an image or video (ads with multiple images/videos are also fine) with a messages campaign objective setup. If you target the right audience Messenger chatbot ads can be more cost-effective compared to others, you can read more about this here
At Bonomi we make it easy to target the right audience with CSV files which can be uploaded to refresh your lookalike audience.

Other ads

Other ads like Google Adwords and Display ads can be really effective due to it’s fine-tuned targeting setups. But you have to pay special care of making it clear that your ad or ads are leading users to a Messenger chatbot platform so they won’t get frustrated and scared.

Clarity and relevance are the key components of advertising

Tip: You can make your ads click-worthy by discount offers or promotions for those who just looking around with no actual intention to get to know your hotel especially.

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Summary — What to keep in mind

Before you get started to have your chatbot assistant whichever platform you like, you must think with the mindset of your prospect, by that you have to answer questions like:

  • What are the main things that prospect are looking for?
  • What is the best and easiest possible way to help them find what they want?
  • How can you direct prospects to booking without being too pushy?
  • How not to lose prospect who does not book instantly?

At Bonomi we already thought about these questions during the process of creating Bonomi Assistant. For more info about Bonomi Assistant click here.