This is how you introduce your guests to your Bonomi Assistant

In our previous blog posts we discussed why we think the Assistant will quickly become your guests’ favourite. What we have not talked about yet is how do they get to know the Assistant? Well, there’s more than one way of getting them there, and you can find all the needed links and codes on your Bonomi Dashboard.

1. Use the pre-stay email

It is something you’re already using for giving confirmation and reminding guests about their reservation. You can simply put an extra line in there saying ‘hey, we have an Assistant that helps you 24/7’, or, even better, you can offer them perks. It’ll be worth it – not just because the guests will be more satisfied, but the life of your reception will be a lot easier as well.

2.  Use paper

Well this might sound strange in our digital world, but a colorful flyer is still a pretty efficient way of getting people’s attention. Combined with the now-resurrected art of QR codes, a well designed card or leaflet can be an easy way to give the Assistant to your guests. You can place a pile of such cards at the reception desk or even hand them out at check-in. You can put them in every room if you will! Alternatively, you can use stickers, or one big rollup/print in the lobby, whatever fits your hotel’s interior. 

3. Use your wi-fi landing page

Even in the age of 5G, most people don’t want to pay the higher prices of using the internet while on roaming. This means that they will use the wi-fi at the hotel which means they will see your wi-fi landing page. Of course it’s hard to get them to spend even a few seconds there (let alone click on something), but the promise of a personal Assistant might do the trick. 

What else can you do to make the Assistant more sympathetic? Give the Assistant a character! One of our clients, Royal Club Hotel named it after the royal of the animal kingdom, Leo. You can also encourage the use of the Assistant by giving the guests special offers, available through the Assistant only. Free welcome drink, flexible checkout, discount on massage, or something. Get creative! It’ll be worth it – not just because your guests will be more satisfied if they use the Assistant, but the life of the reception will be a lot easier as well.

That’s it for now, feel free to ask questions or share ideas via Messenger!