Why did we need a demo chatbot, and how did we create it 🛎️ 🤖

Chatbots are still newcomers in the hospitality business and not part of the everyday marketing toolset. This means they have the advantage of novelty, but being new and shiny also has its drawbacks. For example, many decision-makers in the hospitality business are still unfamiliar with the idea of chatbots, or even, Messenger.

We knew that we needed a demo tool which is able to present all the features of a hospitality chatbot, a solution which could work for those who are familiar with chatbots and also for those who may not have any clue about them.

So we asked ourselves: is there a simple and fun solution to present our ideas to future clients? 🤔

After a little research, we noticed that none of our competitors have actual chatbots on their websites that you can try out. So we came up with the idea of making a demo chatbot that could be a major help for anyone who has a hard time imagining how those catchy USPs look and work in real life.

We had to use an imaginary hotel for the demo chatbot, which cannot be mistaken for any real hotel. The reason was really simple: to make sure that users feel safe to try all of the demo chatbot features, to reassure them that they are not gonna get into any “trouble” while they are booking, ordering services or starting a live chat.

These were the key questions we had to answer:

  • 📍 Where? — Where should our imaginary hotel be located?

The flight of imagination started: should we pick some extraordinary place on Earth or leave the terrestrial locations behind? Finally, we landed on a planet more than 54 million km away from Earth.👽

  • ❓ What? — What features should we focus on?

Even though we wanted to show all the features of the Assistant, we knew that we had to focus on the key USP features to stay relevant. Which were:

  • opening the booking engine for direct booking
  • sending personalized notifications to promote cross-sell
  • handling requests and feedbacks
  • ⚙️ How? — How to present the full user story (from marketing to check-out) without getting boring or confusing?

Besides the demo features, we had to create the story behind the experience, to be able to present traveling, passing time, etc. Chatbots are really great at navigating users with short texts, buttons, quick replies, and last but not least visual content. Pictures and GIFs are perfect to grab and direct the user’s attention, so we decided to focus on the visual elements to create a unique world that matches Bonomi’s identity.
Fortunately, we found @Eni Simonyi who made our ideas came true. She created a unique visual world which fits perfectly to our chatbot.

In the end, we created a demo chatbot that we loved to make and that our partners and clients find fun and useful.

If you got interested, go ahead and try our demo chatbot here!