Bonomi’s Essence:

With the help of Bonomi Assistant you can connect to your guests who otherwise would use 3rd party services for booking and contact. And it’s just a start! After booking, the Assistant guides your guests through the whole stay, answers their questions, gives them personalized offers, and builds loyalty. How does it work? Let us explain…

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Value for your hotel

Optimized front desk workload

The Assistant automatically answers most questions, so your front desk team can focus on the more challenging tasks.

Value for your guest

Answering questions 24/7

Those who are interested in the hotel can get answers 24/7.

Value for your hotel

Engaged guests

Using Messenger to introduce your hotel and offers, you can keep in touch with prospects and guests.

Value for your guest

Fun and easy way to learn about the hotel

Prospects can learn about the hotel using their preferred messaging platform.

Value for your hotel

Increased number of direct bookings

Using the Assistant for marketing leads to more direct bookings, as booking becomes part of a conversation that you can control.

Value for your guest

Frictionless booking process

The booking engine opens up immediately, making it easy and fast to book without leaving Messenger.

Value for your hotel

Great cross-sell opportunities

An ongoing conversation with your guests means a lot of cross-sell opportunities. Personalized, wrapped into useful information – your offers won’t go unnoticed!

Value for your guest

Useful timely notifications, personalized experience

We take the guests by the hand, and help them throughout their whole stay by reminding them about schedules, telling them about the weather and giving ideas on what to do.

Value for your hotel

Satisfied and loyal guests will be happy to hear about you

Less friction means more satisfied guests who give better ratings that lead to more guests. You can also use the ongoing conversation to build up loyalty and spread the word about your seasonal offers.

Value for your guest

Comfortable way to contact hotel staff

Guests can avoid uncomfortable situations via reporting problems through the Assistant.

Tudd meg a Te hoteledben hogyan segíthet a Bonomi Asszisztens, jelentkezz online bemutatónkra!

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Other features

Analytics dashboard

Our dashboard not only enables you to fully monitor your guests’ interactions with your hotel, but also gives valuable insights on your most popular services, frequent problems and more!

Flexible customization

Our Assistant is easily customizable to match your hotel’s personality and needs.

Available on Messenger

Bonomi Assistant is available on Facebook Messenger and on your website as a plug-in, with more messaging channels coming soon.

Coming soon

PMS integrations
More supported languages
More messaging apps